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How do you get to Vipolže?

From Nova Gorica there are many options. The most popular is via
Sabotin, which takes you from Nova Gorica to Solkan. Soon after you come to the vally of the river Soča you must turn left,  cross the bridge  and you are on the way to Goriška Brda.  Pass the vilage Podsabotin and you will come to the village Hum. Turn left and  follow the signs for Cerovo (Gornje Cerovo and Spodnje Cerovo). Next you will come to Vipolže. In Vipolže you have to pass the petrol stations (OMV) on the right side and after about 300 m you will see the sign of our apartments – ZOI apartmaji. This way is the longest.

The shortest way to come to Vipolže from Ljubljana is through Italy. After you cross the border on the highway in Vrtojba you have to follow the regional street to Udine which goes from Gorizia through the village Lucinico, Mossa and Cormons. As soon as you come from Gorizia to Mossa you have to turn right under the railway bridge and follow the signs for Giasbana and San Floriano. Following this signs you come directly to the border between Italy and Slovenia.  Vipolže is the first village at the border between Italy and Slovenia and it is a good starting point for other villages in Goriška Brda. After you come to Vipolže you mast pass the petrol station (OMV) on the right side and after 300 m you will see on the right side the sign of our apartment house – ZOI apartmaji.

For those who come from Italy (Venice or Udine) or Austria it is  best  to come on the highway to Gorizia where you take the regional street for Udine which leads you towards Cormons, Lucinico and Mossa, which are on the edge of Goriška Brda. from Gorizia you just need to follow the previous instructions, which leeds you to our house.

If you ocasionaly come to the main town of Goriška brda – Dobrovo, you must follow the sings for the village Vipolže and as soon as you see on the left side the petrol station (OMV), you must turn left and after 300 m you will see on your right side the sign of our apartment house – ZOI apartmaji. The no. of the house is 12.


Zvonka Kabaj Tomšič s.p.

Vipolže 11

5212 Dobrovo


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Zvonka Kabaj and Darko Tomšič

Phone: +386-40-582121

E-mail: info[pri_ponudniku]zoitur.si

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